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Quick Flight, Small Pours


2011 brought news of Scotch in a can – and now wine in a can.
It’s on our wish list, not yet available in Chicago.


From The New York Times: Bourbon’s All-American Roar.
Don’t miss the slideshow of stunning photos accompanying the article.
We’d like more love for the little guys, but it’s good to get people talking whiskey.


Are you in the rye fan club?
Sigh. We were drinking rye before it was cool.
Is rye the Apple of the spirits world?


The last few weeks of December always bring press on Champagne.
Asimov’s non-obligatory article is interesting.
So is this one focusing on the little guys that gets beyond RM.



2 thoughts on “Quick Flight, Small Pours

  1. Nothing like the times fact-checking – “Three elements make bourbon unique: American corn, pure limestone water and new, charred oak barrels ” – the corn doesn’t need to be American and the water doesn’t have be limestone.But the article was interesting….

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