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Pics from September 2012 Taste at the Track


Horse Racing!


Thanks to all who joined us at Arlington Park on Saturday for Binny’s Taste at the Track! We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon, and the event was just spectacular. We listened to your feedback from the event back in June and made some major changes: almost twice as many tables, fewer tickets sold, more tents keeping the wine in shade, and more.


We’d love to hear about your experiences at Taste at the Track. Would you recommend the event to a friend? Did make any new discoveries? Find any new favorite wines? What were the best aspects of the afternoon, and what changes would you make?


Watch for more soon. Our events department is already hard at work lining up some amazing and ambitious tasting events for next spring!


A Crowd With Good Taste

A Crowd With Good Taste


Prom Band


And Pouring

And Pouring


Steve and his Fans

Food Samples

The End

2 thoughts on “Pics from September 2012 Taste at the Track

  1. Bring back the event that you held at Drury Lane! The quality of wines there were so much better. raise the fee if you have to, but for people who know and love better wines, that event brought us out and led to purchasing some great bordeauxs.

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