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Perennial Abraxas Release


Join us Friday, November 15th at 5pm at Binny’s Lincoln Park for the 2013 launch of Perennial’s sought after Abraxas to Chicago! If you didn’t already know, Perennial Abraxas is an Imperial Stout brewed with Ancho Chile, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Sticks, and is delicious.


We’ll have some special beers open to sample and people from the brewery to chat with. Hope to see you there!


Perennial Abraxas

3 thoughts on “Perennial Abraxas Release

  1. I will be in town on the 15th for this years FOBAB event. Are you selling bottles of Abraxas at the event at the Lincoln Park location or is it just a tasting/sampling? If bottles are being released, do you know how many there will be and what the cost of them are and if there is a per person limit?

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