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Two Brothers False Dichotomy collaboration with Metropolitan


Two Brothers & Metropolitan False Dichotomy Collaboration

False Dichotomy is a new collaboration between Warrenville’s Two Brothers Brewing Co. and Chicago’s Metropolitan Brewing. This India Pale Lager (IPL) challenges that notion that all beer must either be a lager or an ale. It’s brewed like a lager with Metropolitan’s house yeast but aggressively hopped like an IPA with a new German hop variety called Hull Melon. At 7.2% abv it’s big and malty up front with some pronounced caramel sweetness that quickly transitions to a long, dry finish with citrus and berry notes.


False Dichotomy


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Confessions of a Mixologist: Amber is the Color of Your Energy


Consider this sweet and irresistible cocktail your new brunch go-to. It pairs well with a big pile of french toast or a plate of egg bennies. It’s refreshing and is 10x better when enjoyed outside. On a patio. Under the sun. Listening to 311. (Talk about a throwback) Can you tell we’re ready for warmer weather?

Amber is the Color of Your Energy Binny's

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New from Goose Island

Goose Island Binny's


Goose Island Four Star Pils

Aiming to quench a growing thirst for more sessionable brews, many craft breweries are taking their stab at an old world classic. The refreshing simplicity of a well-made Pilsner ironically makes it one of the most difficult beers to brew. Goose Island’s Four Star Pils is built around a unique combination of both new and old world hops. It’s crisp and clean with a finish that is both citrusy and herbaceous.


Goose Island Green Line

The wait is finally over! Until now, Goose Island’s wildly popular Green Line Pale Ale has only been available on draft. This well-balanced American pale features flavors of toasted malt alongside a citrusy hop profile with just a touch of pine.


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Bud Light Hockey Appearance with Dennis Rasmussen

Meet Chicago forward, Dennis Rasmussen at Binny’s courtesy of Bud Light! He’ll sign autographs, pose for pictures and talk hockey. Members of the Bud Light Ice Crew will also be there giving away a pair of tickets to an upcoming Blackhawks game and free swag.


Binny’s Evergreen Park
Friday, February 26th


Binny's Blackhawks Budweiser


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Fresh Flavors from Ballast Point Brewing Company


With new breweries launching every week, brewers have to get creative to stand out in a sea of choices. California’s Ballast Point Brewing Company just released three new variations of their popular IPA, and they are too good to miss. From a modest 3.5% abv session IPA to a 10% abv DIPA, you’ll find one you love.


Ballast Point

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