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A number of eagerly anticipated whisky releases are due to hit in the late winter and early spring, here’s the best information I have thus far:


Octomore 1st release and PC7- these heavily peated bottlings from Bruichladdich are due by late Feb, no firm pricing yet, but PC7 should stay in line with last years PC6 release, about $130-140 and Octomore will fall out in the $180-200 range.


Ardbeg Supernova- Most heavily peated Ardbeg ever, this is a very limited release, first come-first serve, limit one per person.  Price should be in the $120 range, email to be added to the waiting list, we should see product by March.


Glenmorangie Astar- a 50% abv, unchillfiltered, non-age statement release drawn from first fill ex-Jack Daniels barrels, a beautiful, unadulterated example of what comes off the tallest stills in Scotland.  No retail as yet, sells in the UK for roughly the equivalent of $75, best eta is towards the end of March.


Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2008 Release- Yes, that says 2008, the whiskey (62 barrels total, 1995 distillation) was put into stainless in early September, unfortunately Brown-Forman was stuck trying to source the unique decanter to complete the bottling, their old vendor had gone out of business.  Theyve now found one and begun bottling, so we should see this in the next 3-4 weeks, should stay around $40 retail.


Binnys Handpicked Casks- Next wave will include more Elmer T. Lee, Blantons, Eagle Rare 10 year, and Sazerac Straight Rye from BT; more Four Roses Single Barrels to follow up Barrels # 1, 2, and 3; and working through a final round of samples for OB bottlings from two well known Scotch distillers.

5 thoughts on “New Releases

  1. What about a handpicked 17 year old Eagle Rare? Will BT trust Binny’s to do that or does it need to go into the annual antique bottlings coming from Frankfort?

  2. I would love to do that, and have asked, but because they’re so limited in the barrels each year that fit what they want for all of the Antique bottlings there’s no way they’re going to let even one go. You can be guaranteed I will continue to push, though!

  3. Good news! Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2008 ($39.99) has finally hit the shelves, albeit a tad late. This release continues the run of excellence of this series has been on since the 2004 mistake.Glenmorangie Astar ($79.99) has hit the shelves, I retried it this week with a couple of whisky buddies, a great example of just what this distillery is capable of in it’s pure, unadultered form. This is probably the best release from these guys since the Tain l’Hermitage from a few years ago.PC7 and Octomore are due this week, in both cases very limited distribution. PC7 ($139.99) is a combination of 7 year old, heavily peated whisky from Sherry butts and fresh Bourbon casks, I will get notes out this week. The Octomore 1st Release ($189.99) is a young, bourbon aged whisky produced from extremely heavily peated malt. (The distillery claims over 100ppm phenyl, reference standard Ardbeg at 55ppm.)

  4. What about Supernova?! When is that expected? Have you tried it? How will I buy it if I don’t have a job? Where am I? I’m going insane just thinking about it.

  5. your website mistakenly shows that you have in stock the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon vintage 1994.The 2008 bottling that IS in stock is vintage 1995.

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