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New Brewery to Binny’s: Milwaukee Brewing Co.

Next week, the Milwaukee Brewing Co. will be debuting at Binny’s.  Just about every Binny’s will be carrying their variety 12-packs, a package that will be exclusive to our stores. Many Binny’s stores will also carry 6-packs from the Wisconsin based brewery (the 6-packs pictured at the bottom are the ones Binny’s will carry).  The variety packs will feature “6 different beers x2. Our flagship Louie’s Demise Amber Ale, Love Rock Vienna Style Lager, Pull Chain Pale Ale, Polish Moon Milk Stout, Hop Happy IPA, and Booyah Saison. Or, maybe something from the brewer’s secret stash.”  Here are some tasting notes on the brews:


Love Rock Vienna Style Lager – This type of lager beer has a subtle malt sweetness, balanced by the earthy tones of noble German Hallertauer hops.


Hop Happy IPA – “Brewed with three different kinds of hops, this IPA is balanced by the oats added to the mash. The oats not only add an unexpected sweetness, but also a heavier mouthfeel.”


Polish Moon Milk Stout – “This pitch black stout is teaming with rich roasted malt and coffee flavors. The addition of milk sugar tames these intense flavors with a silky sweetness. A very easy drinking, full bodied beer.”


Booyah Saison – “Complex flavors and aromas come from a variety of sources. Barley malt and wheat help create a smooth body and attribute a pleasant golden hue while the addition of malted rye and oats brings out a solid earthy flavor. Czech Saaz Hops help create a citrus nose.  What makes this beer truly special is the Saison Ale yeast strain used to ferment this beer. The subtle hints of tangerine, peach and licorice are the hallmarks of this particular yeast.”


Louie’s Demise Amber Ale – “Our flagship brand; this medium bodied amber ale starts with a rich malt flourish thats kept in perfect balance by a smooth hop finish. This MBC original is similar to a German style malt beers.”


Pull Chain Pale Ale – “The Pull Chain Pale Ale is a fusion of English and American pale ale styles, with bitterness derived for an unusual and innovative hop schedule in the recipe. American cascade hops and British East Kent Goldings account for Pull Chains citrus and earthy flavors and aromas. Theyre softened by malty undertones.”

2 thoughts on “New Brewery to Binny’s: Milwaukee Brewing Co.

  1. Suggestion on crafted beer: having alcohol content on each crafted beer would probably boost sales even more. Some of the breweries post on the label or ox but there are a large majority that do not. If I cannot find the alcohol content I do not buy it. Although I would welcome trying some of those beers I hesitate not knowing the content and do not want to google a brewery in the aisle or ask a person on the floor every time I come in. Just a suggestion if you have not thought of it already.

    • Interesting fact – until 1996, the US prohibited printing alcohol content on beer packaging. In fact, there are still some states that don’t allow ABV to be listed. The justification is that some people would only buy amped-up, highly alcoholic beers. Of course we think that’s a silly law and giving more information to the consumer is a good thing. We would love to see ABV listed on every bottle. But that could possibly limit the potential distribution of some brands. Crazy, huh?

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