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New Binny’s Hand Picked Knob Creek Single Barrels Are Here


We first mentioned our new batch of Binny’s Hand Picked Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserves back in April, right after tasting and picking them. Now, just about a month and a half later, they have finally arrived! If you’re into our hand-picked bourbons, you owe it to yourself to pick up one of these bad boys:


click the pic for a closer view.


A couple of details to note: Not all Binny’s stores will receive all six bottlings, which means you Binny’s completists may have some searching to do. We stand behind all six, so don’t ask us to pick our favorite! You can check out my personal tasting notes on the previous Binny’s Blog post here. Also, you’ll notice that barrel proof is listed on the label, but all have since been cut down to a paltry 120 proof.


So grab a bottle of our Hand Picked Knob SB, and be sure to let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “New Binny’s Hand Picked Knob Creek Single Barrels Are Here

  1. Is the Binny’s Whisky Hotline page no longer updated? I saw a few weeks ago that it was updated to remove the page’s March 16 date, but I haven’t seen a content update since March.

    Thank you.

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