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Kona Launch!

You’ve been asking for the beers of Kona Brewing Co for years, and now they’re finally arriving. Next week! Shipments start to arrive on Wednesday, December 26th and every Chicagoland Binny’s should have their supply within a week. You’ll find Kona exclusively at Binny’s until early January.


These are solid beers, especially at the everyday low price of $7.99 per 6pk. We’ll get these five Kona beers: Big Wave Golden Ale is made with Citra and Galaxy hops; Fire Rock Pale with Galena, Cascade and Mt. Hood. Koko Brown is a nut brown ale with toasted coconut, and the Pipeline Porter is Kona’s fall seasonal, brewed with Kona coffee. We soaked up all that was left of this coveted release, so consider it a Binny’s exclusive. And Longboard Lager is their most requested beer for good reason. Good stuff for sure. Hopefully we’ll see even more of their beers and other seasonals in the future.


4 thoughts on “Kona Launch!

  1. Is Big Wave really made with Citra and Galaxy? Kona’s website says Northern Brewer, Hallertau and Willamette. Citra / Galaxy are 2 of my favorite hops ever, but seem a little pricey to put into a $7.99 / 6 pack ale. Is there a special version of Big Wave in Chicago, or is the hop list on their website correct?

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