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Hopslam Release Party at Binny’s


   Great news! We just got confirmation that we will have a keg of Hopslam at the South Loop Tasting Room. That means we can throw a super awesome Hopslam release party! I don’t think I really have to explain how fantastic this is going to be.


South Loop Tasting Room
Bell’s Hopslam
Release Party
Thursday, January 12th, 5:30-8pm

$8 for your first pour of Hopslam
RSVP (312) 768-4400


   Hopslam sixers will also go on sale when we tap the keg. This is your best chance in Chicago to get your hands on this annual favorite, and it’s going to be a lot of fun, too. Seriously, RSVP soon.

21 thoughts on “Hopslam Release Party at Binny’s

  1. Many of our stores are getting confirmation for arrival next week. Of course, we ultimately don’t have control over when it arrives, but it’s looking good right now.

  2. Hopslam is arriving at Binny’s locations all around Chicago this week. There should be ample opportunity to pick up a sixer or two.

  3. I’ve RSVP’d and can’t wait. I’ve never been to the South Loop location. Do we just get one Hopslam draft, or is it a hang out and drink type of event?Is there a limit to the 6 packs we can buy?

  4. It’s a full-service bar with Hopslam on draft, so it will be available until it taps out. Enjoy responsibly.edit: We have set a one-case limit for Hopslam at our South Loop store.

  5. Why the one 6-pack limit? Just came from the BG store and he wouldn’t sell me more than a sixer. At least let me get a case….. wtf??

  6. That decision is left up to each store. BG only received 21 cases of Hopslam, and wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to get some.

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