A Gem of a Beer Department in Algonquin

You may be wondering why there has been a lack of beer blog posts lately.  For the past five days, I have been working furiously on the beer department in our newest Binnys, located in Algonquin.  Yesterday afternoon, corporate beer buyer Ted Sullivan, Algonquin beer buyer Jim Kube and I completed the task we started at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning.  The hard work resulted in one of the most beautiful individual beer departments in all of Binnys.



The Algonquin beer department is exquisite.  You will hit upon beers here that are unavailable anywhere else in the area, such as the Flossmoor station beers.  Heck the Flossmoor IPA itself is somewhat of a rarity anywhere, but a fresh batch of 15 cases is stacked tall and proud in our new store.  Besides the Flossmoor beers, you will find every beer that is available in the area in the Algonquin beer department.  If you cant find it here, chances are you wont stumble on it anywhere else in the neighborhood.


If you are planning on doing your beer shopping in Algonquin, be sure to seek out Jim Kube.  Besides being as jolly and helpful as they come, he has a very impressive knowledge of beer.  He will be glad to answer any and all beer inquiries.  If Jim isnt around, be sure to seek out the General Manager Steve Smets, who also has an expansive knowledge of beer.  If Jim or Steve cant answer your beer question, you will be hard pressed to find someone that can.


Ted, Jim, and I are very proud of what was accomplished in Algonquin.  We hope that if you are in the area you will drop in and see for yourself what all the hype is about.


5 thoughts on “A Gem of a Beer Department in Algonquin

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Kyle’s assessment; the selection of beers, ales, porters and stouts at the new Algonquin store is nothing short of amazing. Personally, I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger selection anywhere. It was a pleasant surprise to find several flavors of Point beer (one of my “comfort” beers) stacked and ready to go. I was lucky enough to meet Jim Kube at the store on Saturday afternoon. It’s true that this “jolly” fellow is sharp and knowledgeable on the subject, and is a valuable resource to anyone looking to increase their knowledge about beers and ales.

  2. We were in the Algonquin store this weekend and….wow, what a selection! This is the place to find everything you need…just in time for summer cook outs!

  3. As long as Binny’s is opening new stores, may I suggest Addison. There’s a closed Dominick;s at Lake & Mill that might be useful.

  4. Ken – Thanks for the idea…Binny’s currently has plans to open up in Downers Grove in late summer or early fall. Besides being a regular Binny’s, the store will also incorporate 32 craft beer tap handles. Never the less, I will forward your request on to my superiors. Cheers!

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