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Craft Your Own 6-Pack Now Available at All Binny’s Locations

Today Binny’s Beverage Depot associates throughout Chicagoland are hard at work putting the finishing touches on their brand new craft your own six-pack racks.  Every* Binny’s is taking part in the program, which features 160 continually rotating craft beers you can create a six-pack from, for the price of $9.99.



*Our two Binny’s express store in Hyde Park and Glencoe will not be taking part in the program due to space constraints.

16 thoughts on “Craft Your Own 6-Pack Now Available at All Binny’s Locations

  1. Awesome news. Simply awesome. The closest location to me is the farthest one from downtown Chicago: McHenry. I’m very glad to hear they are taking part in this. Gooooodbye inhibitions!

  2. I picked up a couple of mixed six packs before Thanksgiving at the AH store. It was a really great chance to try a number of beers at one time. I noticed that they’re grouped by brewery (mostly). Have you considered grouping them by style? It would make it easier to pick out Stouts or IPAs for example.

  3. I’ve had to go to Peoria for any decent selection for a mix-a-six. I’d come home with 60 beers every month or two. Good decision Binny’s! As long as you continuously vary the selection or have all beers available, you’ll keep me and many others happy. Thanks!

  4. We’ve had people ask if they can bring back six pack holders – by all means do bring them back and reuse them. That’s one less piece of cardboard that has to get tossed or recycled!

  5. I love this idea. This is a great opportunity for us to try many different beers with out buying a six pack and being disappointed. Now we can try a variety and and pick what we like. Best idea ever hope it stays for a long time.

  6. Thanks for the feedback! In case anybody was wondering, the response on this program has been HUGE. Like … *stunningly* popular.

  7. This is not a back handed compliment. Its about time this got implemented. Binnys has the vastest selection of any of the stores around, It’s ridiculously exciting to be able to mix and match from that selection. A+ binnys.. you hit one out of the park with this decision.

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