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Craft Idea: Welcome Sign Cigar Box


Throwing a party? Need an easy welcome sign? Recycle your old cigar boxes for good use!


Materials Needed:
Chalk Board Paint
Cigar Box*
Masking Tape
Foam brush


\Start by taping around the edges where you want the paint to be contained.

Paint an even layer and let dry for about an hour.

Paint another layer to make for a more consistent chalk board.

Let the paint dry overnight.


Voila! You have a creative sign that will be sure to please!

*We have a great selection of cigar boxes available for a reasonable price at Binny’s locations with humidors.


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One thought on “Craft Idea: Welcome Sign Cigar Box

  1. I have a Arturo Fuente hand made cigar box.I wanted to know what year that it was made and the value of it`s wood covered in paper with markings in almost perfect condition.I can`t find date on the box. THANK YOU

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