Whiskey Whispers From the Great Brophstradamus

The faithful know it’s that time again, time for the Great Brophstradamus to make his predictions for the spirits world in the coming year. How wise is Brophstradamus? We aren’t sure, but his beard is legit. His predictions have been meticulously translated from the original quatrains by time, a secret decoder ring and Google. 2014 will bring more. More what?

Whiskey Whispers from the Great Brophstradamus

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Confessions of a {Festive} Mixologist: Peppermint Grasshopper

If you’re ready to mix and mingle and jingle… your cocktail… get ready for the Grasshopper cocktail! It’s making a comeback, kids. The Grasshopper your grandparents used to drink.


Why isn’t ours green? Dan wanted to try something different with this vintage cocktail, so he used peppermint schnapps instead of Creme de Menthe. It doesn’t have that green glow, but it still tastes just as fresh and minty.
Grasshopper Cocktail by Binny's
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Cooking Christmas Dinner with Don Q Rum

Christmas and rum… who would’ve thought? John Meisler, Executive Chef and Global Brand Ambassador for Serralles USA is making his rounds to a few Binny’s locations to share his classic New Orleans style cooking. You will learn his secrets on how to prepare the perfect Christmas dinner. All of the dishes will be made with Don Q Puerto Rican Rum. We can smell the praline crusted ham already…
Cooking with Don Q Rum
Locations and times after the jump…
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Taste Pisco Porton with Master Distiller Johnny Schuler

Why do we love pisco? We love the freshness and mixability of this world-class spirit. And one of our absolute favorites is Pisco Porton, one of Peru’s premium piscos. Here is your chance to learn more about this handcrafted pisco and meet one of the foremost pisco authorities in the word, Porton Master Distiller Johnny Schuler.


Binny’s Lincoln Park
Tuesday, Dec 10th 4-7 pm


Johnny Schuler


More info about Johnny Schuler via Porton:
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Free Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bottle Etching

It’s something of an annual tradition here at Binny’s Beverage Depot. In the weeks leading up to the holidays, Johnnie Walker sends out engraving experts who will custom etch your bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Right there, at Binny’s. For free. Well, you do have to buy the bottle. Did we mention they’re pouring samples of Johnnie Walker Platinum too?


That makes a great gift for the Scotch lover even more special! But you have to be here in time to catch the etching crew. Binny’s locations, dates and times after the jump…


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Binny's Etching


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Party with Trojka!

Trojka: A colorful collection of flavored liqueur. All the way from Switzerland, we’d like to welcome Trojka to the shelves of select Binny’s. We’re celebrating their arrival with a tasting at Binny’s in Champaign. Stop by to taste Pink, Yellow, Red and Green. There will be Trojka representatives on hand talking about the brand, Trojka cocktails and more!
Trojka Vodka Tasting
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Breakfast at Binny’s!

Here at Binny’s, we like to do breakfast a little bit differently. Our friends at Beam are serving up a mighty treat this Saturday. What’s on the menu? The traditional stuff… pancakes, fresh fruit, pastries and bacon. However, the real treats are the Beam Honey, Cruzan Velvet Cinn, Beam Maple and Knob Creek Smoked Maple. Yum… we can taste the deliciousness already!


Binny’s Schaumburg & Binny’s Champaign
Saturday, October 26th from 10am-12pm