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Binny’s World of Whiskies



World of Whiskies

Thursday, March 22nd 5-8p

at Binny’s Lincoln Park

$50 w/Binny’s Card, $60 without

RSVP: 312-664-4394


If you’ve been, then you already know. If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on a massive whiskey open house featuring over 30 (closing in on 40) producers. This is your chance to rub elbows with some of the top luminaries in the whiskey world and sample some special and exceptional bottlings.

RSVP soon because this event will sell out.


9 thoughts on “Binny’s World of Whiskies

  1. We’ll have bread and light snacks, but don’t count on us for dinner. With all the intoxicants involved, it’s a good idea to eat before the event.

  2. Greg, I attended a similar event at this location years ago and was just wondering whether the term “whiskies” in this case included scotch as it did then?

  3. Oh yes, there will be Scotch.”Whiskies” is really our catch-all term for the whole whisk(e)y world. Gotta keep the advertising punchy ;)

  4. Any chance the list of producers and whiskies will be posted anywhere before the actual event? I’ve already paid, but I’d like to see what will be available. Thanks.

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