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Binny’s to Open in Champaign


   This is exciting. This is big news.


   Binny’s Beverage Depot has announced that it will open its 28th store early next year in Champaign, Illinois. The store will fill a vacant space that was formerly a Borders bookstore.

   The store will be 25,000 square feet and will feature a wine cellar, humidor, and a tasting and events space, in addition to the best selection of wine, spirits, beer, and cigars in the area.

   The opening of the Champaign Binny’s location follows the recent opening of a new location in Bloomingdale, IL and the upcoming opening of a newer location in Arlington Heights. The Champaign store will be the first Binny’s Beverage Depot outside of the Chicagoland area.


   Now to work out a carpool system while we build the thing. Expect more on the Binny’s Blog.

29 thoughts on “Binny’s to Open in Champaign

  1. “We don’t expect this to be the only downstate store we open. We’re actively looking at other downstate markets.”

  2. The Arlington Heights store will be 21,000 square feet and will feature a wine cellar, humidor, and bigger than average beer cooler.Major fixture construction starts next week, which has to be finished before stock and systems stuff can arrive. We don’t really have anything exciting to show yet in terms of pics, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!Watch for the Arlington Heights Binny’s to open in early November.

  3. There is an empty Borders store now in Rockford, IL. Great location! Binny’s should consider. Hope to see you in Rockford! Thanks

  4. Now only if you’d start marching west into Michigan… Yeah yeah, I know that Michigan has it’s retarded shelf pricing on liquor, but Binny’s is so much more than just liquor!

  5. Good luck in arlington heights!! We need much better then teddy’s. Give them the competion since they seem to take business for granted too many year’s. Customer service all. Your selection will outway. Thank you binny’s!

  6. Thanks to everyone making suggestions. We hear ya, and we’re checking out many of these places.goodmore – There will not be a cheese shop at our Champaign location.

  7. Welcome to Champaign! We are hoping for some serious inventory of Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire and Rhone along with some grand opening crazy low prices…A lot of us are “old Sam’s customers” and have burned out on making the pilgrimage up North. Our purchases will increase as a result (I’m guessing you figured that out already)

  8. How about a Binny’s in Lansing, IL. The Far South Side of Chicago could use a Binny’s or at least a Binny’s Express. There are some decent liquor stores with a respectable inventory, but they are always lacking the that one good single malt scotch or they never have that one good barrel-aged ale.

  9. We can’t wait to hopefully see you in Rockford at the closed Borders store. Great location and this city needs the competition. You’ll make a killing here.

  10. Sweeeeeeeeeet!Soon I’ll have the same great selecion at school that i do at home, and I’ll be able to put that Binny’s card to use the other 9 months of the year.

  11. Normal, Il would be a great spot for a location. Two universities and a descent sized area would the perfect addition for another downstate location!

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