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Binny’s Rolls a Strike with New Store Location


In the past three months we’ve shared our Lincoln Park Expansion, Glencoe Expansion, and now we’re pleased to announce the opening of a brand new location in…drum roll, please… Evergreen Park!


The new location is estimated to be 24,000 square feet and will include a 28 door beer cooler, a temperature controlled wine cellar for fine and rare wines, a walk-in humidor and the widest and best selection of 8,500+ wine, spirits and beer products. Director of Operations for Binny’s, Rick Parenti shared, “The store, like all Binny’s locations, will feature the best, most knowledgeable staff, ready to provide our customers with the highest level of service!”



Binny’s will replace Bleeker’s Bowling Lanes, a long standing establishment since the 1950’s.


“We’re revitalizing a beloved neighborhood landmark and introducing Binny’s to a prominent community,” says Michael Binstein, Binny’s owner and CEO. The new location will bring the company’s retail locations to a grand total of 30. That’s right Evergreen Park, get ready to do some major holiday shopping with us!


We’re curious, where would you want to see a Binny’s pop up next?

31 thoughts on “Binny’s Rolls a Strike with New Store Location

  1. Please consider Kankakee/Bradley/Bourbonnais. Our closest Binny’s is at least an hour away in either Bolingbrook or Orland Park. Competition is good, and this area could use some competition. Thank you!

  2. It would be great to have a Binny’s location in southeast Wisconsin. (Milwaukee suburban location) You would be surprised to know how many people here know of you, but do not frequent because of the driving distance to Illinois locations.

  3. I feel a Binny’s in the area of Frankfort/Mokena/New Lenox would do very well. We have to drive into Orland (not fun) or to Bolingbrook, quite a haul.

  4. Here’s another vote for Wisconsin–we love Binny’s!! Somewhere between Madison and Milwaukee??? Or why not one in Madison and one near Milwaukee???

  5. I would love to see a Binny’s in the far south Chicago suburbs. The Bradley/Bourbonnais area would be a great spot for a Binny’s. The closest other store is Orland Park which is 45 minutes away. Just think, Da Bears training camp & Binny’s 😉

  6. I second Frank’s comment about Oswego-perfect place is the now vacant Lowe’s stand alone building with huge parking lot. We sure could use a Binny’s in Oswego!!

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