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Binny’s Party Planning Hits the Airwaves

Well… internet airwaves, anyway. It’s a series of tubes.


Jeff Caldecleugh is our party planning guy. He specializes in easing your fear and anxiety when it comes to lining up the beverages for your next big event. By combining his experience with the massive selection and prices Binny’s offers, he can… wait… let’s just let him say it. He went on The Wedding 101 Radio Show with David Rothstein this morning, and you can listen to the show right here:


[apparently the widget no longer works, so click through – gv]


We especially like the part where they say “Binny’s” like 85 times.


If you’re planning a big event of your own – from weddings to anything else – talk to Jeff He’ll help  you save money and make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Email Jeff at or call 847-257-2583.

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