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Binny’s Mailbag: Whisky Recommendations


Let’s open up the Binny’s mailbag:Binny's Mailbag

Can you make any whiskey recommendations that are similar to Johnnie Walker Black Label and Glenlivet 12-year. I am looking for something around the same price or cheaper. The two brands that I mentioned are $59.99 for the 1.75L bottle right now.

Thank you,



Hi J.C.

   We have two recommendations for you that would fit into the profile you’re looking for, and the price. 

   For starters, we highly recommend Speyburn 10 year old single malt. It’s a highland malt, and slightly more full-bodied and caramel forward than your Glenlivet, but very smooth and approachable for $50 for a 1.75L bottle. 

   Our other recommendation would be Teacher’s, a blended highland scotch. The base malt for Teacher’s is Ardmore, a particularly peaty highland single malt. The peat actually comes through slightly more than the Walker Black Label, whose base malts are the very peaty Talisker and Caol Ila. 

   Hope this helps. 


Binny’s Mailbag

One thought on “Binny’s Mailbag: Whisky Recommendations

  1. Man, JW Black and Glenlivet 12 don’t have much to do with each other aside from both being from Scotland…As a JW substitute, I’d second Teacher’s (please start selling it in fifths, guys!) and add Black Bottle, although I don’t think it comes in handles. As far as single malts go, I’d say the best sub-$30 (for a fifth – not too many sold in handles) whiskies are Ardmore TC, Benromach Traditional, and yes, Speyburn 10. SB10 needs to breathe a lot for some reason, but these days I think I actually prefer it over GL12. Finlaggan might also go on the list, but it can be brutal stuff.

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