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Binny’s Mailbag: Two Brothers Heavy Handed


The Binny’s Mailbag is back again, with a question about one of our most popular wet hopped ales:


Hi Kyle,

This years Two Brothers Heavy Handed tastes much different that in past years. Are they using different hops? I really don’t care for this years taste.



Great questions Steve!  It looks like your Palate is on to something.


Every year Two Brothers does several different batches of Heavy Handed, each one wet hopped with a different hop varietal.  We believe you probably got your hands on Heavy Handed wet hopped with Willamette hops since this is the current version of Heavy Handed in our stores.  You may want to avoid hoppy beers in the future that feature this hop varietal.


We would suggest you check the lot number on the back of your bottle (likely #2512), and the next time you stop by Binny’s, check the lot number on the backs of the bottles we have in stock. If they are different lot numbers, give the beer a shot. It will be a completely different beer, even though the bottle will look exactly the same.


Here is a nifty list Two Brothers supplied us that details which hops coincide with which lots.  Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Binny’s Mailbag: Two Brothers Heavy Handed

  1. Steve, there was a large batch of Heavy Handed wet hopped with Columbus hops in 2011. We suspect that this is the batch that you liked and got some green tea flavors from.

    Your best bet to find more Columbus hopped beers is to directly contact breweries, as hop varieties used in beers aren’t often included on beer labels.

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