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Binny’s Mailbag: Angels Envy


A timeless question from the Binny’s Mailbag:


Having a bit of a debate and hope you can help.

How is Angels Envy served best; neat, or with a cube or two of ice?

Tough question, thanks for your help.

– A.


Hi A,

   To water, or not to water, that is the question.

   And the answer to this age old debate, is that it is up to the individual.

   We drink our whiskey neat, or as is. We have friends that always drink whiskey with a splash of water, and others with a cube or two of ice. Some whiskies hold up well to water, while others weaken dramatically.

   That is the fun thing about whiskey. Drink your whiskey any way you like. Pour yourself another glass, and continue the debate.

   Thanks for the question.

 – Binny’s Mailbag

4 thoughts on “Binny’s Mailbag: Angels Envy

  1. Gotta weigh in on this one. I prefer to taste neat but I almost always spit when I do. When drinking, I’d rather have a couple cubes of ice – just enough to drop the temp and dilute slightly to let it open up.

  2. It depends. Some cask strength whiskies drink beautifully neat. I thought last year’s George T Stagg was smooth as silk even at 70% ABV, but I’ve had some ~50% ABV cask strength stuff that needs a LOT of help to open up.

  3. Great question for the mailbag.As I travel around the world, this is the most asked question. Being purely subjective, I encourage folks to drink their spirits the way they ENJOY them.Without a doubt, if you are to truly experience the depth and complexity of bourbon, enjoying it neat, and if you are so inclined, with a FEW ice cubes or a splash of water is the method of choice.Remember that the higher the abv, the more taste buds you will anesthetizing, so if you are doing serious tastings, start from low to high abv, and dilute with water.Just my thoughts! Thanks for enjoying Angel’s Envy!Wes

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