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Binny’s in Evergreen Park: Busy and Crowded


Binny's in Evergreen Park - A Crazy Blur


With less than a week until doors open, the upcoming Binny’s in Evergreen Park is a flurry of activity. Yet more wine, spirits and beer arrive every day, and we have to sort it all, build displays and stock it to shelves. Nobody even has enough time to pose for proper photographs for our website. But somehow they have enough time to make comments like, “Hey jerk! Put down that camera and get to work.”


We’ll see you next week at Binny’s in Evergreen Park when we finally open the doors to the public. And maybe a week or two after that, store manager Jeff Bogdan can finally get some rest. (Pic of a tired Jeff Bogdan after the jump.)


Binny's in Evergreen Park


Stacking Beer at Binny's in Evergreen Park


Wine Cellar




Jeff Bogdan Manager of Binny's in Evergreen Park

2 thoughts on “Binny’s in Evergreen Park: Busy and Crowded

  1. I live nearby and I have been watching this get put together for the past few months. I am excited. I wish you guys sent out a 20% off coupon or had some grand opening specials.

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