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Binny’s Evergreen Park: We’re Almost There



The opening of Binny’s Evergreen Park, located at 3447 W. 95th Street is almost here. Wine racks are full, the beer cooler is well stocked and the staff looks like a bunch of rockstars! What else would you expect from Binny’s Beverage Depot? Here are some snaps from today. See you on Wednesday at 9am. Trust us, it’ll be worth your time!



10 thoughts on “Binny’s Evergreen Park: We’re Almost There

  1. You wouldn’t happen to have someone coming in to sign autographs, would you? If so, would you be able to say who you are having in?

    • We announced in several newspaper ads that we have Mike Ditka coming on Decmeber 4th, 6-8. He’s signing his wines for free, and offering other photographs and posed pictures for a $25 donation to Evergreen Park-based charity Christmas Without Cancer.

      We have a couple more lined up too… keep your eyes on the Binny’s Blog later today for more.

    • Ditka will sign a bottle of *his* brand of wine for free. He will sign other bottles and memorabilia for a $25 donation to Christmas Without Cancer.

      Hampton will sign memorabilia for free.

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