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Penrose Packages Appearing PromptlyPenrose Brewing


It’s true. The delicious beers of this up and coming Geneva brewery will hit Binny’s shelves before the 4th of July! Their initial launch will include P2 Belgian-Inspired Pale Ale, and Proto Gradus Belgian-Inspired Single Ale, and these two are just the start. Plans include the release of all four of their year-round offerings. The Beer Buzz reached out to Penrose Brewmaster Tom Korder for his thoughts:


“Bottles are yet another great way for us to get it in the hands of thirsty new friends.” Introducing people to nuanced and refined craft beers that are more accessible than many of the common styles available today… are they damn proud of that?


“We’re damn proud of that,” Korder said.

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Can Crazy Craft


Cans are taking the craft brew industry by storm, and we love it.


Sixpoint is now available in 12 ounce six packs instead of their old 16 ounce four packs. Not only do you get more beer for the same price – 9.99 – but you can now find Sixpoint beers in our Binny’s Craft Your Own Six Pack racks. They make exceptional beers and still fly under the radar, so give them a shot.


Next, our number one summer craft beer, Bell’s Oberon, is now available in 16 ounce cans. Golfers, boaters, fisherman, and can heads rejoice! Hop heads are also celebrating, as Bell’s world famous IPA, Two Hearted Ale, is also now available in cans.


And don’t forget our own state. A number of Chicago breweries have regularly packaged in cans, and now we welcome more canned offerings from the a wider area, including Temperance and Destihl.



It’s HoplessNew Belgium Gruit


More and more craft breweries are playing with beer styles that don’t include one fundamental ingredient: hops. Technically these aren’t even beers, because, well, it can’t be a beer by definition if it doesn’t have hops. The ancient Gruit style bitters beer with things like bog myrtle, yarrow, wormwod, rosemary, as well as other herbs and spices. These beers were originally brewed when hops weren’t prominent or even available in certain regions of the world. Now they are being resurrected by brave and experimental craft brewers. Check out New Belgium Lips of Faith Gruit, and Spiteful Prove it Gruit (hitting soon). Some of these will be released in limited quantities. Some other hopless Gruit beers we have seen in the past that still might be lingering on our shelves are Fraoch Heather Ale and Dupont Posca Rustica.


By the way, there’s a new brewery in Chicago, Forbidden Root, that is almost entirely devoted to the gruit style. Think botanic beers recreating early American brewing styles. So far, we’ve only been able to feature their beer on tap at our two Tasting Rooms, but we’re hoping to get their stuff in packages too.

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