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Announcement: Oberon has Arrived!

OberonAttention beer lovers! Bell’s Oberon has been released! The blue and orange six pack sparks memories of going to the cottage with a cooler full of ice cold Bell’s Oberon and Three Floyd’s Gumballhead. It is still pretty chilly outside, but to me Oberon being released is a sign that good times are ahead. Gumballhead is available year round (thank goodness) and tastes better and better as the weather gets warmer and warmer.

The king of wheat beers in my book, Oberon is the ideal beer for a hot summer day. It is relatively light, clean, crisp, citrusy, and most importantly exremely refreshing. Oberon can be a gateway beer into the craft beer world; I have seen this firsthand. People who drink all the regular stuff tend to like Oberon, and this may make them realize that there are bigger and better things out there.
Many other summer beers are arriving at Binny’s also. Some that have already arrived include Goose Island Summer, Brooklyn Summer, and Victory Whirlwind. It is pretty obvious that my favorite summer beers are Bell’s Oberon and Three Floyd’s Gumballhead. What are yours?

6 thoughts on “Announcement: Oberon has Arrived!

  1. i prefer oberon over gumballhead, when i’m not enjoying traditional hefe’s.. not bashing the three flyod’s, just enjoy the drinkability of the bell’s. oops i hope i dont get sued for that!

  2. Oberon will soon be available in 5L cans – got the word from my Bell’s guy yesterday…….can’t wait…I wish more craft breweries had more 5 liter packages……fresher beer, ya ‘ know?There is a downside……Once you tap that sucker, the clock is ticking, you have to finish it ASAP….Hmmmm… that I think about it, what downside?

  3. I think Oberon hits the nail on the head as far as summer beers are concerned. I also love the New Holland Red Tulip. Not necessarily a summer ale, but released in the warmer months. Quite possibly my favorite American Red Ale out there.

  4. Yum! Oberon has always been one of my Summer faves as well, but there’s also Skinny Dip but not sure when its available and I think it’s by New Belgium? Very refreshing with just a slight citrus taste but not overwhelming – tastes like beer!!

  5. Has anyone else noticed that Oberon is less cloudy this year? Maybe it’s just me, but my fist two from the tap seemed different. Still tasted great, but I can see through it more 🙂

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