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AleSmith Brewing Heading to Bloomington & Champaign

We have some more breaking news coming in from our two mid-state stores!  The beers of AleSmith Brewing Company will be available very soon at our Bloomington and Champaign locations, hopefully within a few weeks.  AleSmith is one of the premier craft breweries in one of the premier craft beer cities, San Diego.  Our mid-state stores definitely have the advantage when it comes to San Diego craft beers in distribution; another award winning San Diego craft brewery, Ballast Point, is only available mid-state and not in Chicago-land.


5 thoughts on “AleSmith Brewing Heading to Bloomington & Champaign

  1. Why are many great crafts not available in the Chicagoland area with all of the many thirsty people ready and willing to buy but are available in mid-state? What can the thirsty people do to make this happen and does your Bloomington location sell Schlafly beers?

    • You’re asking big questions. Remember that craft beer is a limited product, and in many cases, smaller producers don’t make enough to fill a big market like Chicago. Ultimately, distribution is decided by breweries and their distribution network. That means your best bet is to contact them – write to them, visit them, hit them up on facebook and twitter, call them on the phone – and let them know that you’re looking to buy their products.

      Yes, our Bloomington store offers Schlafly’s products.

  2. AleSmith is on the shelf in Bloomington today! We have 9 of them…all in limited supply for now (but, quantities on hand should increase in a month or so). The wait is over!

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