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7 Unlucky Recommendations for Friday the Thirteenth

Push your superstitions aside and try any of these unlucky recommendations. Trust us, they’re not that spooky.


1. Jura Superstition Single Malt
This single malt is exactly what you need to get through this Friday the 13th. Its honeyed, dried fruit body with creme brulee aromas makes this scotch everything it is and more.


2. Casillero del Diablo
The story we heard might not match their marketing– but it’s close. The easiest way to keep winery workers from sneaking samples? Convince them the devil himself lives in the cellar.


3. Surrogates Skull Breaker & Asylum Straight Jacket
From the humidor comes a pair of cigars you’d be lucky to try, even if their bands are a little creepy. Surrogates Skull Breaker and Asylum Straight Jacket are both complex, medium-to-full bodied smokes that doesn’t overpower. Both are exciting, limited cigars at very lucky prices.

4.  El Gato Negro & St. Christopher Zeller Schwartz Katz 
Here are two wines that embody one of the biggest superstitions out there… black cats. If you really want to get in the mood this Friday the thirteenth, give these two a try.


5. Lucky Star
Feeling too unlucky today? You can thank your lucky stars that these wines are around. Plush, ripe California juice for less than a fistful of losing lotto tickets.


6. Lagunitas Lucky 13
If Lucky Star doesn’t do the trick for you, Lagunitas Lucky 13 will. This Lagunitas classic is one of the best amber ales on our shelf. With hints of fruit and pine, it will bring life to this dreadful day.


7. Malort
And then there’s Malort. If you’ve ever had this herbal liquor, you know just how unlucky it can be. Drink carefully… no… drink quickly. You’ll still feel luckier than the Chicago Cubs.

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