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6th Annual Binny’s Homebrew Contest Headed to Downers Grove




Get ready for the 6th Annual Binny’s Homebrew Contest sponsored by Samuel Adams. This year the contest will be held at Binny’s in Downers Grove on Saturday, August 24th from 12:00pm-2:00pm. There is no charge to enter the contest. There will be a beer tasting during the event featuring many delicious beers from the Boston Brewery, and we will have complimentary food for everyone to enjoy.


First place winner will receive a trip for two to the Great American Beer Fest that includes tickets, airfare, and hotel. Several runners up will win valuable prizes. There will be also a worthy prize for best label, though labels are not required. All participating brewers will receive beer evaluation sheets with judges comments.



The Rules


– Each household may enter one beer.


– Entrants must drop off two 12oz bottles or one 22oz bottle of their beer at Binny’s in Downers Grove on Thursday 8/22 or Friday 8/23, along with your entry form rubber banded around your beer. Click here to download entry form.


– Entries will be limited to the first 50 beers submitted. We expect the spots to fill up very fast, probably by mid day Thursday. When the contest fills up, we will announce it on our twitter feed.


– You must be present at the store no later than 1:00pm on Saturday, August 24th to claim your prize and tasting evaluation sheet from the judges.



Contact with any questions, or leave a comment here on the blog. Good luck to everyone!



23 thoughts on “6th Annual Binny’s Homebrew Contest Headed to Downers Grove

    • John, anyone is welcome to attend the event and take part in the beer tasting and complimentary food. However prizes will only be awarded to entrants of the contest.

    • Hi Mark, we will just be judging beers. The labels do not have to be attached to the bottles, they can be rubber banded around them.

    • Craig, to avoid having multiple beers entered from the same person, we are asking that contestants drop their own beers off and only enter one beer per household.

  1. I don’t understand. How do you enter? Do you have to go to the store on the 22nd, and bring the beer, and hope to be within the first 50 entrants? You can’t registration beforehand? What if I have to work that day and can’t make it until the evening? Should I just assume I won’t make it and not come by?

    • Chad: You can’t register beforehand, and you have to be one of the first 50 people to drop your beer off to be eligible for the contest. You can follow us on Twitter (@BinnysBev) to see when the contest fills up, or give the Downers Grove store a call on the 22nd to see how many entries have been submitted.

    • No, beers entered do not even have to have a label. Beers that have won the event in the past have been submitted without a label.

  2. I have a beer I’d like to enter that is bottled in half liter flip top bottles. Would two of those be acceptable, or do I need to rebottle them into 12’s or a 22?

  3. my friend’s wife works right down the street and can drop off my 1 beer for entry on her lunch break. will this be accepted?

  4. is there ANY leeway on the Saturday time frame? If we aren’t there by 1pm we can’t pick up prizes or evaluation sheets any later?

  5. After weeks of preparation, getting my beer ready and designing the label, I drive to the Downer’s Grove Binny’s, pay 2 tolls, gas, drive in the rain and traffic, arriving before 9:30am when the store opened at 9 and was greeted with,” we already have the 50. They were lined up before the store opened and we finished taking beers within 19 minutes”. I didn’t realize that this was like a Black Friday where I needed to camp out. I thought coming before 9:30 would have been an acceptable time. Perhaps after 6 years, Binny’s should plan on having a few more tasters so that they might be able to accept a few more entries or else have it twice a year with contestants only to be allowed to enter once a year. How about offering the contest at various Binny stores within the area, and contestants would only be allowed to enter at one of them? That might alleviate people being turned away at 9:25 am!
    What a disappointment!!

  6. if you run this every year you would think it would be run better. Not wasting my time next time.

    No Sam Adams products in this household until I forget that I hauled my ass out to gawd-forsaken Downers Grove for sh*ts and grins.

  7. We hear you guys. We’re already making bigger plans for next year – maybe more stores for entry or a series of smaller contests where we then pit winners against each other. At any rate, we love to hear your feedback.

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