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Bobbing For Apples

It’s an age old Halloween tradition: bobbing for apples. This year, we’re bobbing for Pinnacle’s latest vodka flavor, Pinnacle Caramel Apple Vodka. You’ll be surprised at how much it tastes like an actual caramel apple. Try it alone or with one of these sweet cocktails. If vodka doesn’t appeal to you, try one of these other festive treats!

Fresh red apples floating on water beside kitchen window
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Binny’s in Evergreen Park: Peek Inside


Progress! Construction is happening right now on the upcoming Binny’s Beverage Depot location in Evergreen Park. You already know the stats – it’s shaping up to be 24,000 square feet of beverage superstore, including a 28 door beer cooler, temperature-controlled rare and fine wine cellar, walk-in humidor and more wine, spirits and beer than the human mind can actually conceive. It isn’t much right now, just a construction zone, but watch for the store to open in late November, and watch this space for more soon.


It’s all going in the former location of Bleeker’s Bowling Lanes. We think it’s cool to preserve the neighborhood landmark. Just wait until you see the space… check out the pics after the jump.


By the way, we’re getting a lot of questions about jobs at the new location. If you’re in the market, be sure to check out our careers page, where you’ll find instructions and a link where you can apply for jobs.


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Binny’s Commercial: A Binny’s Van and a Familiar Tune

Have you seen this one? It’s the new Binny’s commercial starring a Binny’s van with the backdrop of the greatest city on Earth, set to the tune of a locally beloved hit song by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah. Yes, there are new lyrics, and yes, that’s Skip singing.



What do you think? Leave a comment! Want to see more? Visit the Binny’s YouTube channel.


Whiskey Hotline: Rollin’ In

From the most recent edition of the Whiskey Hotline, What’s Rollin’ In!



The Only One I Love
With a name like Yellow Rose, you know it’s from Maine. Just kidding. Yellow Rose is the first legal distillery in Houston, and they’re all about extremes. Take their Outlaw Bourbon. Their secret mashbill recipe? 97% corn, despite what their website says. The Straight Rye? 95% rye. Our favorite is their Double Barrel – a bourbon that sees finishing time in cabernet barrels for six months. They first caught Brett’s eye while he was judging at the American Distilling Institute 2013 competition. Only a matter of time before they hit the shelves at Binny’s.


Fishy Businessballast-9-27-2013
How does that old saying go? “Beer before liquor?” Ballast Point proves that’s bunk by following their knockout beers with exceptional spirits, coming soon. We got a sneak preview of their delicious rums and phenomenal gin a few months ago, when their beers first hit Chicago. And we’re hoping that someday we can get their whiskey too.


Pappy Van Tequila
It turns out the T in George T Stagg stands for tequila. Expresiones del Corazon are garnering rave reviews, combining agave’s citrus and savor with caramel and spice from the most coveted American bourbon barrels. That’s right, tequila aged in barrels from George T. Stagg, Pappy Van Winkle, Sazerac, and more. High-end stuff, but amazing.


A Knock-Outchavez-9-27-2013
Also from the world of tequila comes the new Julio Cesar Chavez tequila. It’s a one-two punch of award-winning blanco and reposado. What’s the hook? We have our supplier on the ropes, trying to get the legendary boxer to do a Binny’s appearance.


Rising Sun Rising
Japan is making some of the best whiskey in the world in 2013. Case in point: Nikka Coffey. This is a great introduction to Japan, especially for bourbon drinkers. Big and sweet, it is corn distillate run through a Coffey still – a continuous column still. And it’s just one great new spirit to arrive from this producer.

Nikka operates two unique distilleries – Yoichi and Miyagikyo. We’ve had the stunning Yoichi 15 year old for a while, and now we can brag that we also have the Miyagikyo 12 year old. Or for a snapshot of what they’re doing, reach for a Taketsuru bottling, which includes whiskey from both as a blended malt. Joining the 12 year on Binny’s shelves are the new 17 and 21 year old expressions. If you care about whiskey at all, pay attention to Japan.


Grander Marnier titanium-9-27-2013
Two new flavors from that iconic orange-and-Cognac liqueur. The first: GM Titanium includes more exotic orange flavor and less sugar than the standard bottling. We think they’re targeting men, what with the macho martial arts ad tie-ins. It’s good: amped up orange and spice with less sweetness means more mixable, which is just fine with us.

The second: Grand Marnier Signature Collection No 2. Last year, they introduced a new, limited-run cherry version. This year, it’s all about peach and raspberry. Not bad. And if you’re still looking for last year’s cherry bottling, we still have a few bottles here and there.



Looking for more news from the world of specialty spirits? Be sure to check out the Whiskey Hotline.


Binny’s New Brew: Spiteful Alley Time Pale Ale

If you couldn’t already tell, we love to support local breweries. Just a couple years old and already one of our all time favorites, Spiteful Brewing has already made a huge impact in the Chicago beer scene. Customer service manager, Ben Morgan of Binny’s in Lakeview is a big fan of their latest release. Plus, it’s in cans.



What beer are you enjoying right now?
Spiteful Alley Time Pale Ale in 6 pack cans* for the great price of !
*More widely available in 22 oz bombers.


Why do you like it?
Big juicy hop flavors, citrus, pine, and apricot. It has a great balance and is very pleasant for a big hitting pale ale.


On a scale from 1-5, how would you rate it?
4. It has great complexity that you only get with a handful of pale ales. It is also a great sessionable unlike other hoppy pale ales. It’s amazing because it’s a single hopped pale ale using only Simcoe hops. Most beer geeks know Simcoe to generally give off a faint onion or garlic aroma and flavor, but you get none of that in this beer.


Is there a particular food you’d pair it with?
Thai, Indian, Mexican, a hearty stew or chili. Football watching food!


Yum, the best kind of food! What interests you the most in this industry?
I’m passionate about beer, but I never go wrong with a South American wine, a Spanish wine or even a really good gin and tonic. Also, I enjoy connecting with others in the beer scene through social media.

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