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Where’s the Nouveau?

Breaking news from the Wine Hotline:


The Thursday before Thanksgiving is best known around here as Beaujolais Nouveau release day. This year, though, it may not go so smoothly.  See, a lot of the shipments are trapped on the East Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Delays in unloading cargo from ships, fuel shortages and blocked highways are all keeping the much of the anticipated release out of Illinois, at least in the short term.


Don’t worry too much just yet, though. Binny’s will have a few labels for release this Thursday and we expect the rest to arrive a few days later. Hopefully, we’ll all have our Beaujolais Nouveau in time for Thanksgiving.


More news as we have it…

Harlen Wheatley to visit Binny’s South Loop


Breaking News from The Whiskey Hotline.


Harlen Wheatley, seen below in vivid black and white, is coming to Binny’s South Loop. Harlen is the master distiller at Buffalo Trace, which is kind of a big deal. He’ll be signing bottles, pouring samples of the Binny’s Handpicked E.H. Taylor (and some other good stuff) and will attempt to demystify the art that is the Buffalo Trace Distillery.


Harlen Wheatley Meet & Greet
Binny’s South Loop 
Wednesday, Nov 14th, 6-8pm


The Whiskey Hotline: Get In The Holiday Spirit


Here’s an excerpt from the newly updated WHISKEY HOTLINE. Check it out.


Get In The Holiday Spirit


Whether you’re giving thanks with a spirited toast, expediting that tryptophan-induced nap, or making pinochle more interesting, you’ll want to keep a few of these holiday-themed spirits on hand.


Honey, Turkey & Bourbon
Honey and turkey make a great pair. That’s why our buddies over at the Beer Buzzwill always recommend Biere de Miel for your bird. So why not add bourbon to the mix? Barenjager Honey & Bourbon is an easy pick, though Wild Turkey American Honey seems obvious too.


NogsAssorted Nogs

Our allocation of Evan Williams Egg Nog arrived early this year. Like, middle of October early. It brought friends. The limitedPeppermint Chocolate Egg Nog puts a new spin on things – a minty, chocolatey spin. And the seasonal Apple Orchardcombines apple cider and bourbon. It’s on the sweet side. Try it warmed. And for you hardened Nog enthusiasts, the Evan Williams plain Nog comes in an even bigger bottle this year. Nogtastic!


Candy Cane Vodka

This one’s pretty straightforward. Burnett’s Candy Cane Vodka. Remember candy canes? They’re back! In vodka form!


Coffeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Coffee coffee coffee…

Kahlua is no stranger to the special holiday release. In addition to their holidays-onlyPeppermint Mocha, they introduced the new Kahlua Gingerbread. This adds gingerbread, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove to the iconic coffee liqueur. And any Kahlua devotee should look forward to Kahlua Midnight, the new more intense formula from Kahlua that weighs in at a whopping 70 proof. Compared to their usual 40 proof, Midnight is a heavyweight. Coming soon.


Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream LiqueurCream, not Irish

Like Irish Cream? Instead of having some questionable Irish whiskey as its base, how about a cream liquer made from some of the world’s finest bourbon? Check out Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Liqueur. It used to be a distillery exclusive, but now you can get it at Binny’s. And if you want something a little lighter, try Whisper Creek Tennessee Cream, made from Tennessee whiskey.



We all like cranberries, right? But really, how often do you eat ‘em outside of November? So enjoy them while you have an excuse. Check out Bobeline Cranberry Liqueur. This timeless Lithuanian hit is produced from the juice of the freshest cranberries each autumn. I sveikata!



We admit this list is looking pretty wussified. Look, if you like Scotch, then Scotch is your best bet no matter what the calendar says. How about our Handpicked 18 year old Glenlossie? How about our Handpicked 13 year old Laphroaig? So many choices! Oh yeah, speaking of our Handpicked program…


Find tons more spirits news over on the newly updated WHISKEY HOTLINE. Cheers!



Black Friday at Binny’s Lincoln Park Beer Dept


Only on Friday, November 23rd; only at the Lincoln Park Binny’s Beverage Depot.


Here’s the deal: Doors open at 9 am. Showing up gets you a piece of paper with a number on it. I’ll be pulling numbers for special things from my cellar. Any time your number is pulled, you get the option to purchase whatever that particular item is. Then it goes back in the hat.


There is plenty of BCS 2012, so even if your number is never called, you’ll still be able to grab some.


Stuff from the cellar:
Bourbon County 2011 4pks
Bourbon County Mini Cellar 4pks (2 bottles 2012, 1 bottle 2011, 1 bottle 2010)
Bourbon County 2009 Bombers
Night Stalker 2010
Night Stalker 2011
Bourbon County Vanilla 2010
Bourbon County Coffee 2010
King Henry


The idea is that you DON’T have to wait in line in the cold if the weather is a jerk. Everyone will have an equal chance at the cellared stuff. Hopefully I’ll have 2012 Coffee and Cherry Rye in time, but i’m not holding my breath.


Also: NO OPEN CONTAINERS IN THE PARKING LOT. SERIOUSLY. You’re welcome to trade and such out there. Please do not bring product into the store.


Adam Vavrick is resident beer geek at Binny’s Lincoln Park.

Binny’s Mailbag: Special Order Wines


We’re back with another question pulled from the Binny’s Mailbag.


Hi, my name is Grant. I was curious about certain types of wine Binny’s has, more specifically wines you don’t have but might be able to get. I just went to Argentina and they have very good wine, but it’s difficult to get some like “Ciclos” brand and a few other  brand names. Is there a way for Binny’s to order them somehow?


Hi Grant!


Sounds like you had a great trip! Argentina has so much to offer.


As for the wines you were able to try there, for Binny’s to be able to order or carry a particular wine, it has to be imported into the U.S. and also carried by a licensed Illinois distributor.


If there are specific wines that you would like to get, please let us know the full name and we’ll be happy to see if it is attainable. You mention Ciclos, which looks like a label from Argentina producer Michel Torino – a producer who we did carry years ago –  so there is a chance.


By the way, if you are thinking about a visit to Binny’s this weekend, all our stores will be sampling staff-pick favorites from Argentina this Saturday, November 10th, from 1-4pm.  For free! Hope to see you there!


Thanks for the question,

Binny’s Mailbag

Coast To Coast Toast Two


The good people at Vanberg & DeWulf threw such a successful celebration of Belgian beer with their Coast to Coast Toast last year that they’re doing it again, and even bigger than before! Come November 15, retailers, bars and restaurants across the U.S. will raise a glass to celebrate the birthday (way back in 1982) of this great Belgian beer importer. To give back, they’re offering you two chances to win the Ultimate Belgian Brew Tour.


The first is easy, just  click here to enter in a drawing.


The second is a little more elaborate. Log on to untappd  and check in to two of their beers to earn yourself the C2CT2 badge. This will also give you a special entry code. Be sure to check in at Binny’s when you purchase to give us credit! Enter that code here for another chance to win.


While you’re at it, be sure to chat up Vanberg & Dewulf on twitter using the tag #C2CT, and be sure to give us a shout as well!


This promotion includes a ton of beers including some of our favorites like Hopruiter and Scaldis Prestige. You should totally use this as an opportunity  to discover your next favorite beer.

Binny’s Mailbag: Alcohol-Free Wine


Binny's MailbagWe’re back with the Binny’s Mailbag. Go ahead and take a peek:




Do you guys sell any non-alcoholic wines? And are they any good?


- James



Hello James!


We certainly do! And yeah, they’re all right. This time of year, it never hurts to have an extra bottle or two of sparkling juice or N/A wine to make sure nobody misses out on the holiday festivities.


If you’re looking for wine for fans of wine, the best we’ve had are from Ariel. They offer the most “wine-like” experience. FRE by Sutter Home is also good in a lighter, fruitier style. Both start as fermented wine and then have their alcohol removed, as opposed to an unfermented grape product trying to taste like wine.


Of course, we have you covered when it comes to non-alcoholic beer, too.


And don’t forget about the kids. We always recommended sparkling juices and ciders to stand in for alcoholic bubbly. Make that special toast fun for everyone!


Thanks for the question!

– Binny’s Mailbag

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