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The Whiskey Hotline: Barrel Report


Wondering what’s new in spirits here at Binny’s? Be sure to check out the newest edition of the online Whiskey Hotline. Here’s an excerpt that highlights upcoming releases from the Binny’s Handpicked Selections program:


Barrel Report



Two from High West


We’re teaming up with our buddies in Park City, Utah for two exciting new Binny’s Handpicked Selections.


Rendezvous RyeDouble RyeOur first selection is a special bottling of Double Rye, a blend of 2 year old 95% rye and a 16 year old 53% rye. After blending, the whiskey returned to barrel for a just under a year. Get this! The barrel had previously held their 36th Vote Barreled Manhattan. Super cool. Rye grain and citrus, coffee and cherry kick off the nose. Creamy marshmallow texture, gobs of cherry, and some spirited spice. Then a long finish with tons of rye. The Manhattan barrel shows its influce, making this pick an easy one.


Next, get ready for a Binny’s exclusive Rendezvous Rye. A re-barreled blend of 6 year 95% rye and 16 year old 80% rye, sourced from two famous distilleries. Our pick was then aged over two years in first fill four roses bourbon barrels. The result is a winner: Medium toast on the nose, peppery rye spice and caramel. Light on entry with spice and toast, soft fruit rounds out the edges to the powerful finish. Powerful, sure, but the key here is balance.


Both of these Handpicked Selections will roll in at 100 proof. If these are a huge success, we’re going to push harder for barrel proof next time.


Since we’re talking about them, be sure to try other great new releases from High West: OMG Silver RyeCampfire and American Prarie Reserve Bourbon. We just don’t have enough space here to give them all the praise High West deserves.



The Whiskey Hotline Hits Le Rue


Brett just returned from a trip to Cognac, and he brought back swag. Swag in the form of barrel samples. We still have to taste them and pick our favorites, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a Binny’s Handpicked Cognac? Maybe a new French brandy, too… We’ll see…


Be sure to check out pics from his trip.



Angel’s Envy


Angel's Envy

Sometimes we can’t believe that they actually pay us to do this stuff. Case in point: an afternoon with Wes Henderson picking a new Binny’s Handpicked Angel’s Envy.


It went like this: Wes and his father Lincoln blend their Angel’s Envy from three component whiskies that differ by the amount of time finished in port pipe. After tasting all three components, we made and tasted our own custom blends. It took us five attempts to get it exactly right, and then three more just to be sure.


It was worth the effort. The new Binny’s Handpicked Angel’s Envy is port barrel finished bourbon, Binny’s style: Big fruit, brown sugar, caramel and honey, and enough spirit to cut through. This exclusive bottling will arrive in a few weeks.



Check out the rest of the news that’s fit to drink over at the online Whiskey Hotline.


The Whiskey Hotline

Binny’s Mailbag: Luscious Vines


Another question from the Binny’s Mailbag:
Binny's Mailbag


Do you carry Luscious Vines wines in your stores?

– Jackie


Hello Jackie,


Sorry, but it looks like Luscious Vines Wines are only available east coast right now. We’ll watch for them to increase their distribution footprint into the state of Illinois, but until then:


If you like LV reds, you would probably love Serena Red or Malvira Birbet. Both are red and lush and lightly to medium sweet. If it’s white you’re after, if you haven’t tried some of the Italian Moscato d’Asti wines we have, I think you would find some favorites too. This category is more popular than ever.


Hope this helps. Please let us know if we can check on any others for you.


Thanks for the inquiry!


– Binny’s Mailbag

October Cigar Sale

Our most popular cigar sale of the year is back!


Through the entire month of October, buy five or more regularly priced cigars, and get 15% off the unit price. That’s it!


Well, there’s this not-so-fine print, too:  *Sale excludes All Davidoff products. *Cigars already on sale do not count towards the minimum purchase requirement. *Gift packs, tins & multi-unit packs count as single unit. *Binny’s Card required. *Discount not valid with any other offers. *Sale runs from October 1st – October 31st, 2012. *Disclaimers aren’t fun but this sale is, and you should totally come in and stock up on all your favorite cigars plus find some new favorites while you’re here.


The Whiskey Hotline Hits Le Rue


Brett just returned from France, from a two week mission to find the greatest Cognac has to offer. Was it a success? Well, he did bring back a bunch of samples for The Whiskey Hotline to taste. We just might have some Binny’s Handpicked Cognac in the works – if all goes well, that is. Until we have more info, check out these sweet pics from his trip:


Revolution Brewing Cans Have Arrived

Great news Chicagoans: Revolution Brewing cans are finally in stock! Anti Hero IPA, Bottom Up Wit, and Oktoberfest are now available at almost every Binny’s, with western suburban stores scheduled to receive shipments later this week.  Eugene Porter is on pace to arrive in about a month or so.


It has been awhile since a new porter on our shelves has really wowed us, but Eugene did just that. The velvety and creamy mouth feel is wonderful. Roastiness and flavors of milk chocolate, toffee, and a hint of coffee balance spectacularly. Anti Hero is probably the best IPA brewed in Chicago, need we say more? Bottom Up Wit and Oktoberfest are great examples of their respective styles.


Binny’s is proud that Revolution Brewing calls Chicago home. We think it is just a matter of time before Revolution is recognized as Chicago’s premier craft brewery. Do you agree?

Quick Flight, Small Pours


Reports of a worldwide bacon shortage have been greatly exaggerated.


The most popular beer in the world.

…probably isn’t your first guess.


Winemaking isn’t a dream.

Still, there are other things we’d rather not be.


ABC’s 20/20 encourages minor to break the law.

Oh, also eBay is clamping down on illegal alcohol sales.


Worst whisky article ever.

Nod to


Cutest whisky article ever.

I can haz publicity?



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