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Last Minute Taste at the Track Accommodations


Are you joining us this Saturday at Arlington Park for our really big spring Taste at the Track event? We want to make sure you have the best experience possible – and that includes providing a safe environment. We set up a special one-night stay deal with the Holiday Inn Express in Palatine.


It works like this: for $89 you’ll get a king room, breakfast and safe transportation to and from our big event. Follow this link to take advantage of this offer. Make it a night with more fun and less worries.


We sold through our original allotment of these deal packages soon after sending out an email. But now, a few days before we’re tasting at the track, they’re opening just a few more rooms. Don’t miss this opportunity, and we’ll see you at the track!


Taste at the Track Wine List Posted


The big Binny’s spring wine tasting event at Arlington Park is just days away! First of all, if you don’t have your Taste at the Track tickets yet, follow this link.


Taste at the Track
Arlington Park &
Binny’s Beverage Depot
June 2nd, 2012 1-5:30pm


Okay, have your tickets? Now the big news is that we have the event wine list online. Just follow this link. Now you can find all the highlights and plan out the best route for you.  With over 300 wines being poured, you’re sure to find some new favorites! Click here for more info on this great event, and we look forward to seeing you Saturday at the track!

Two Brothers Pillar of Salt

Two Brothers retro release #4 out of #15 is now available at Binny’s. Pillar of Salt is the latest in the Two Brothers 15th Anniversary Beer Series, celebrating 15 years of brewing by releasing 15 different beers from the depths of their storied brewing past.


Just like the previous beers of the popular series, Pillar of Salt is a limited release. We expect it to sell out quickly, and to possibly never be bottled ever again. The third version of probably their tastiest year round brew, Cane & Ebel, sounds pretty interesting:


“This one off beers was produced in 2007 as the antithesis of Cane & Ebel. We produced an Imperial Cane & Ebel batch a couple months earlier and thought we should finish the trifecta with a light colored version.


Pillar of Salt is a White version of our Red Rye ale that uses no coloring malts and different hops. The resulting beer is still boldly hoppy, but with a strong citrusy dry hop. 68 IBU, 6.8% ABV.”

Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Let me first state that I am a big fan of ginger. Its unique citrus character is the foundation for many of my favorite Asian-themed dishes I cook at home.


But would I want to drink it? As hypothetical questions go, I would be wary of that one as it sounds more like a dare. But now, a new ginger beer is in our market and to enjoy it isn’t much of a challenge.


A few years ago, there was a rise in what I call “old time” sodas; sarsaparilla, birch beer and ginger beer. That experience was nearly enough to put me off for keeps. These beverages were based on that old time western theme, because when I think of the old west, naturally my mind defers to their understanding of refreshing soft drinks.


The problem for me is that ginger beer has a great opening, but then kind of goes off the rails. The start is a big citrusy explosion, right on schedule. However, on that mid-palate, it gets very spicy and peppery. It’s a big piquant bite that only makes me purse my lips and shake my head. It isn’t just spicy, it becomes almost hot. It’s something I just can’t get my head around. That was it. I was done with ginger beers. Or so I thought….

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Notes from the Humidor


This is not your typical bundle cigar nor is it a second. What we have here are E.P. Carrillo Encore’s which were rolled in 2009 and have been sitting in E.P.C.’s aging room for nearly 4 years! These were specially put away due to their slightly darker shaded wrappers and were intended to be rereleased in 2014 but we got our hands on them before that could happen! Don’t miss the opportunity to smoke this $15.00 cigar at a fraction of the price. We have 250 bundles and each cigar is priced at just $5.95 with your Binny’s card.

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Nøgne-ø DunkelWit

It might be a contradiction in terms to advise someone to hurry up and savor something. However, if I find myself behind that person in line somewhere, I might be singing a different tune.


Nogne O DunkelWitThis sense of urgency can be traced back to a specific beer, its unique character and its suddenly abrupt and unwelcome departure.


The beers from Scandinavia never cease to engage and inspire me. From the complexity of the grain profile in their stouts and porters, to the chewy richness of their malts or the tongue-lashing brightness in their choice of hops. They always keep me interested. We have a small section for these beers and I can often be found going on to no end about the region and their offerings with customers I meet in the aisle until they finally say, “Yes, that is very interesting, but I was just looking for a Pinot Noir.”


The Norwegian Brewery Nøgne-ø is a magnificent example of what is being exported from that region. They have been producing some of the more interesting and ambitious beers in the craft world for years now. Their Imperial Dunkel Wit wowed me when I had it for the first time a few months back. It was so complex with a barrage of ever changing flavors. I was floored by it and just couldn’t shake it the memory. So I did what most beer managers would do, I bought as much as I could find so I could preach the gospel and hand sell it to my customers.


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Meet Randall Grahm


Randall Grahm is a revolutionary winemaker, author and personality. He is big on brains, humility and sincerity. Randall has left an impression on the entire wine industry through his work at Bonny Doon Vineyard, through his collected writings and through his general accessibility. I’m saying this … me – Greg V. at Binny’s … that Mr. Grahm is a wine industry icon you should care about if you care about the wine industry.


Anyway, he’s coming to the South Loop Binny’s Beverage Depot to pour his Bonny Doon wines and to generally meet and greet folks. Details:


Meet Randall Grahm
Wednesday, May 23rd 6-8pm
Binny’s South Loop



Mr. Grahm will pour wines including  &  and a few others that we don’t usually offer at Binny’s, including Cigare Blanc, Cigare Gris, Contra Red, and Albarino. By the way, our Really Big BIG SKY Event is happening more or less simultaneously, so the whole night should be a lot of fun. See you there!

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May Craft Beer Sale

May Craft Beer Sale


We kicked off April with an East Coast Craft Beer Sale, and people were excited. Then we finished the month with a West Coast Craft Beer Sale. That also went over pretty well. So it only made sense that we would start May with a Midwest Craft Beer Sale. The craft beer-chugging masses rejoiced.


That brings us to today. We ran out of regions, and we still need to top ourselves. So what the heck. Today we’re kicking off our May Craft Beer Sale. This Frankenstein’s monster of a sale combines our last three sales, all running at the same time. Which means that virtually every domestic craft beer at Binny’s is on sale. What else is there to say? The sale ends at the end of May, so stock up sooner than later.

Really Big BIG SKY Event


Big Sky Moose DroolWe’re excited to announce our next big beer event at the Binny’s South Loop Tasting Room! This time we’re hosting our friends from Montana:


Really Big BIG SKY Event
Wednesday, May 23rd 5:30-7:30pm
Free Tasting Event, Plus Exclusive Beers on Tap
Binny’s South Loop Tasting Room
RSVP required: 312 768-4400


We’ll have six Big Sky beers available on tap – plus a firkin. You’ll be able to purchase pours of Big Sky’s All Souls Ale,  Five Valleys, Cream Ale, Double IPA, Moose Drool and Ivan the Terrible from the bar tap, plus a firkin of Big Sky IPA.


On top of that, Big Sky is offering FREE samples of some special brews from 750mL bottles, including Olde Bluehair, Kriek, All Souls Ale and Five Valleys. Again, this is a free event. It’s going to get busy and we’ll have to cap the attendance, so call in your RSVP soon!