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Quick Flight, Small Pours


New celebrity wine from Drew Barrymore, called “Barrymore.”
Neat article but they misspelled “wine.” Seriously.
Also, I have those sunglasses, only not in pink. They look better on her.


Our new store in Champaign brings a beer blogger out of retirement.
We’d love to hear what people think!


Check out Half Acre’s Cipher. Great marketing involved.
Can you crack the code? Hint: the real label in on the bottle.


Industry insider John Conlin defends three-tier system.
Interesting, thought-provoking, with lots of tough love.
Be sure to read the comments.



Pisco Sour Tasting & Recipe


We’re excited to host Peruvian producer and owner of Macchu Pisco and La Diabalada Pisco, Melanie deTrindade-Asher. Melanie is bringing a little bit of Peru to the South Loop Binny’s as she personally blends her very own signature pisco sours and signs bottles.


Pisco Sour Tasting
with Melanie daTrindade-Asher
Thursday, February 23rd 5-8pm
Binny’s South Loop

What’s a pisco sour? Only the classic Peruvian cocktail that matches the bright freshness of pisco with the zippy citrus of lime juice (or sometimes lemons). Here’s a recipe adapted from Melanie’s own

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Binny’s in Champaign: Opens Friday the 17th!


Here are a few more pictures from our brand new Binny’s Beverage Depot in Champaign, Illinois. If these don’t get you fired up … well … then you might not be much of a fan of beverage superstores after all.

Without fail, the number one most frequently asked question about the new Binny’s is, “When will it open?” We can now say without any uncertainty this: the new Binny’s in Champaign will open tomorrow.

Friday February 17th, at 9:00 am
802 W. Town Center Blvd

   Yes, there will be special prices on tons of items all across the store just to celebrate the opening. See you there!

The Newest Binny's Beverage Depot

More pics after the jump…

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Beer Social – South Loop Binny’s – More Info


Beer Social has SOLD OUT 

   We already told you to save the date of March 8th for our amazing Beer Social event. We wanted to get the ball rolling but some of the little details were still up in the air. Now we have a solid idea of what’s going to happen, and it is indeed awesome. Read all the way to the end. It gets good.

But first, the big text:

Beer Social
Thursday, March 8th 7-11pm
$10 Buys Your First Pour & More
Binny’s South Loop Tasting Room
RSVP: 312 768-4400



Once again, this is a HUGE beer event. Hang out with your fellow beer geeks late into the night and drink some great beers. How great? Here’s the list:

Full taplist after the jump…

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Quick Flight, Small Pours


Pair comics and beer.
Too geeky? We prefer graphic novels.


Creative Problem Solving, Drinking and
Good luck explaining this to your boss.


Is wine aging becoming obsolete?
Also, do people actually like aged wines these days?


More on aging: Hopcast says to drink your beer.
A question of having cake v. eating it.



Binny’s Mailbag: Gluten Free Beer


Let’s keep the Binny’s Mailbag rolling. Here’s a question that is asked more and more frequently, and we’re glad to be able to answer it with a smile:


Hi!  I talked with someone at your place who said there is a good gluten free beer that starts with a D and that you have trouble getting it in (and keeping it in I guess).  Ive been there twice to look for something like that and havent seen anything.

Do you know the name of the beer Im talking about I want to tell another friend with Celiac – and do you have that in stock now?

Thanks for the info.

– A.M.


Hi A.M, and thanks for the question! We get it a lot, and we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy a good beer, so we offer a reasonable range of gluten free brews.

   We’re pretty sure the beer you are thinking of is Estrella Damm Daura. It’s our best selling (and best tasting?) gluten free beer for a good reason. It’s actually made with an essential beer ingredient: malted barley. Estrella has a proprietary process that removes the gluten proteins to below 6 ppm. To put that in perspective, the FDA and international standard for gluten free labeling in food is below 20 ppm.

Similarly, Illinois natives Two Brothers are now re-labelling their Prairie Path Golden Ale as gluten free. Prairie Path is made with an enzyme that destroys the gluten during the brewing process. Recent lab testing showed that it contains gluten in quantities less than 5 ppm. Plus it’s delicious bright hops keep it light and refreshing. Watch for their labels to change soon.

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Beer Social – South Loop Binny’s – March 8th


Chicago beer geeks listen up! Save the date of March 8th because you are not going to want to miss this event. This is your chance to get together and hang out with your fellow beer hobbyists and drink some absolutely amazing beer.


Beer Social
Thursday, March 8th
(exact time TBA)
Binny’s South Loop Tasting Room


This is going to be a HUGE beer event. We’re pulling some strings to make the night extra special. Here’s the concept: Nine different breweries – some of our favorites – each getting a tap or two to show off their best at the Binny’s South Loop Tasting Room. That’s sixteen taps (actually fifteen kegs plus one firkin). Who are we inviting?

 See the breweries after the jump…

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Quick Flight, Small Pours


Common beer myths debunked.
Discussed: drinking from the bottle, beer bellies, more.


The coolest jello shots EVER.
Seriously, how did we not think of that?


A Binny’s Hand Picked Four Roses OBSK takes a fall.
A harrowing tale of tragedy averted.


Another Shanken inverview worth reading.
Discussed: relative luxury, whisk(e)y renaissance, more.



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