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Anouncement: Beer Keg Sale

If you are reading this blog post, you are probably familiar with our month long beer sales that that have been going on for the better part of the past three months. The savings kicked off with Belgian beers in April, followed by craft beer in May, and international beer for the month of June. We thought about taking a break from the beer sales, but have decided to try something new and innovative. For the entire month of July, Binnys will be having a sale featuring beer kegs.


Basically every keg will be on sale throughout the month of July besides Bud, Miller, and Leinenkugel products. We would love to put these three brands on sale too, but reducing their already low prices is unfortunately out of the question. Most of the more expensive kegs, such as European imports and American craft, will see an average of about $30 dollars slashed off their price. Like the old saying goes, “Go big or go home:” July will be the ideal time to get that keg that has always been on your radar but just out of your price range.

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A Tale of Two Weekends

As I read professional wine blogs, one thing is starting to strike me as a theme. Is so much of wine culture really lifestyle? The lifestyle of wealth? This is especially noticeable when it comes to dining:


The experiences in so many professional wine blogs – maybe wine journalism in general – seems unattainable to me. It’s fine to blog from restaurants across Tuscany, or France, or some hidden little bistro in Greece that only the locals know about, but how does that help me, a guy who lives in Skokie? Or talking about grabbing some dinner at some New York hot spot with a  great wine list, only to complain about the service. Wine journalists will mention a $25 or $30 bottle as an outstanding value. To me, that much money is an investment.


So I can’t afford these wine culture experiences. I don’t mean to simply complain I’m very lucky to experience a lot of amazing wines and cuisine because of my involvement in this industry. But what if I didn’t sell wine? How disconnected would I be?

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Dogfish Head Goes Ancient Again

Dogfish head strikes againthis time with Sahtea, a beer based loosely on a 9th century Finnish recipe. Instead of boiling their wort using modern methods, Sahteas wort is caramelized using white hot river rocks. Sahtea is then fermented with German Weizen yeast. Next, juniper berries foraged from the Finnish country side are added alongside black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and black pepper.

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Focus on Beaujolais


At the beginning of a recent seminar on the wines of Beaujolais, guest speaker and Master Sommelier Fernando Beteta asked the group of wine professionals in the audience, Who here started drinking Beaujolais in college? I sheepishly raised my hand, and then looked around to see one other hand raised in the room. A lady giggled at me.  I thought Beaujolais was a pretty common starting point for young, experimental wine drinkers. Granted, I hadn’t given Beaujolais a whole lot of thought since then.

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The Final Week of International Craft Beer Month

As our international craft beer sale enters its final week, you will see what we like to refer to as the best of the rest go on sale.  The week of June 24th through June 30th will be highlighted by Scandinavia, but not limited to this region as places such as Japan and Spain will be recognized as well.  The sale features over one hundred craft beers from all over the globe.  We wanted to break the previous weeks themes of recommending single beers by instead suggesting two superb Scandinavian breweries.


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Sangria Tips

I’m making Sangria, and I need a red wine. I’ve been hearing this a lot from customers, lately. A few years ago, I tried making Sangria. I used a recipe that called for a Rioja. Rioja is a Spanish wine growing region that makes mostly dry and Earthy red wines. It didn’t turn out well at all. It was funky and tasted like stale grape juice. I am lucky I had this experience.

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What’s in the Glass?

I have what I consider to be a healthy skepticism towards wine-related gadgetry those devices that by their own claims would revolutionize the way we store, prepare, serve, or otherwise enjoy wine. I usually hold that those traditions we have, we have because of effectiveness.

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Week 2: United Kingdom “Must Haves”

With week one of the international craft beer extravaganza coming to an end on June 9th, our focus on German and Austrian brews will shift to the beers of the United Kingdom starting on June 10th. If you have been contemplating getting that Scottish, English, or Irish Ale, now is the ideal occasion as over a hundred beers from the United Kingdom will see colossal price cuts. As with the previous week, wed like to offer our ideas on “must haves,” that is beers that we think are to delicious to pass up at the economical price they will be at for the next week. Without further ado, here is our list of “must haves” for week two of international craft beer month.


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New and Notable

Keeping my eternal search for good values in mind, here are a few wines new to Binny’s, plus one that we’ve had for a while, that are worth checking out.



Napa Station

I mentioned the new Napa Station winery in a previous blog entry.  This week, Binny’s is receiving the 2007 Napa Station Chardonnay.  Great for this time of year (if it could just stay sunny) the Chardonnay hints at sweetness on the nose along with bright fruit. The citrus and apricot fruit complexities on the palate are balanced and mellowed with a tiny hint of oak. It’s a great value at $13.99.


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