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Fascinating Time in Wine: 2008 Bordeaux Futures


I wrote a blog post about the 2008 Bordeaux futures campaign yesterday afternoon, with the intention of posting it today. I won’t be able to post it now. It was about how the 2008 futures are now available, and how the story up until this point has been less about the wine itself, and more about the reductions in price the 2008’s have seen compared to the 2007’s.


So I was headed for the exit with a smile and feeling of accomplishment, wondering if there if there was anywhere still open where I could get a haircut, when I was paged over the store PA system. They needed me back at the office. We had suddenly received a whole bunch of futures orders all at once. The assumption was that one of the big wine publications had released their 2008 barrel tasting notes, complete with scores, that guide Bordeaux investors in their en primeur purchases.


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Values from Italy

Italian Wine Month here at Binny’s is drawing to a close French Wine Month is on its way but I don’t think it’s too late to point out a few great values from Italy I’ve been lucky enough to taste lately. These wines all represent good everyday values, and are in good enough supply that you should be able to actually find a few bottles to try.
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Binny’s Exclusive: Thatcher’s Organic Liqueurs

Arriving today exclusively at Binny’s are Thatcher’s Organic Liqueurs, a line of distinctly flavored USDA Certified Organic liqueurs.
The ingredients for Thatcher’s Liqueurs are certified organic and sustainably farmed. The liqueurs are bottled in recycled materials. Founder Dave Racicot spent over a year searching for all the right all natural ingredients, combining flavors and testing recipes, and working with the USDA to ensure an excellent organic liqueur.


Thatcher's Organic Liqueurs


Organic, all natural, and sustainable are all fine, but what matters is the flavor.  As it turns out, they’re pretty good.

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Tony Magee to Appear at Binny’s

Yesterday I listed just some of the events we have planned for craft beer month at Binny’s, which will take place during the entire month of May. Today I’d like to announce even more events geared toward the craft beer lover. Tony Magee, head brewer and owner of Lagunitas, is going to be in town and hanging out at several Binny’s. Along with 500 plus other beers, all of Tony’s Lagunitas branded beers will be on sale during the month of May at Binny’s.


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Craft Beer Month Preview

As many of you know, the month of April has been Belgian beer month at Binnys. We thought April was a perfect time to honor the cutting edge work that Belgian brewers have been doing for centuries. The sales and recognition of great beer and brewing techniques is going to end in terms of Belgium come May, as the spotlight shifts to the United States. For the month of May, Binnys is going to honor American craft brewers by putting over five hundred beers brewed in the states on sale.


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A Gem of a Beer Department in Algonquin


You may be wondering why there has been a lack of beer blog posts lately.  For the past five days, I have been working furiously on the beer department in our newest Binnys, located in Algonquin.  Yesterday afternoon, corporate beer buyer Ted Sullivan, Algonquin beer buyer Jim Kube and I completed the task we started at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning.  The hard work resulted in one of the most beautiful individual beer departments in all of Binnys.


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Spotlight on L’Ecole No 41

In the wine business, when it rains, it pours. I was starting to run out of wines to blog about for a while there, but this week I was able to attend several different trade tastings with hundreds of wines. Expect plenty of commentary in the coming weeks – as soon as I can translate my incoherent and unintelligible scribbled tasting notes into something understandable, of course.

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The Tribune’s Beer of the Month

The Chicago Tribune recently announced that its beer of the month is Capital Maibock. This is a solid choice and coincides adequately with springtime, as maibocks are usually released during this time of the year. I fully agree with the writers selection of Capital Maibock to represent the beer of the month. Check out the online version of the Chicago Tribune article, where you will find a great description of the Capital Maibock.


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Are you Ready for a Smack-Down?

A new day has dawned, peace and love are in the air, and all is right with the world. Everywhere, that is, except for Binnys in Lake Zurich, where Pinot Noir from around the world are gathering for a take no prisoners, last wine standing Smack-Down! Thursday night, April 16th the fine wine world will erupt in conflict that will pit country versus country and quite possibly a civil war to find a victor. For those willing to bear witness to this event, here is an overview of the competitors.


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Samuel Adams Longshot

For the past three years, the Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams products, have held a Longshot contest in which contestants submit their homebrew for judging. The winners have a chance to get their beer brewed and bottled by the Boston Beer Company and distributed in six packs. I finally had a chance to try the Sam Adams Longshot beers, which arrived in stores late last week.

Sam Adams Longshot

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