Stella Artois

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  • Size: 11.2oz
  • Type: Lager
  • Varietal: Pilsner
  • Country: Belgium

"Not your typical Belgian brew, but an extremely drinkable lager, with a dedicated following in Belgium, Britain, and most recently the U.S. You'll find this beer, on tap, almost everywhere in Belgium."
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Stella Artois

"Not your typical Belgian brew, but an extremely drinkable lager, with a dedicated following in Belgium, Britain, and …"

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Stella Artois

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Good beer
Reviewed by: Beer man | June 11, 2015

it's a great beer.. I like this lager because it has a nice gold color ,flavor , and aroma like a good wine. is a most to drink in a chalice the taste is so different.. in my opinion is between a Heineken and Dos Equis Lager ..

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Excellent choice for entertaining.
Reviewed by: Cornbelter | December 12, 2014

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Easy, Quality Drinking
Reviewed by: Ripley23 | October 10, 2014

This is a nice lager that almost ventures into some American Wheat style characteristics. Light in color and the flavor offers more entertainment than most American Big Brewery offerings. I agree that you won't be diving through layers of complexity, but much like a good cheeseburger off the grill on a summer day (which this pairs excellently with in both the preparation and eating) simple flavors done right can make for some of life's finer moments.

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Reviewed by: All Ale The Beer Guy | January 28, 2014

Stella is a fine example of a European Continental lager, (as opposed to a UK lager like Carling). It's consistent. Tasty enough. Put it in the same class as Molson Canadian. Foster's. Budweiser. All good beers but not especially interesting or rewarding. Yawn.

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