Shiner Ruby Redbird

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12 Pack of 12oz Bottles
Case of 2

Item #30659

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  • Size: 12oz
  • Type: Flavored / Fruit
  • Varietal: Flavored / Fruit
  • Country: United States
  • Region: Texas

"...The taste is dominated by ginger, it's tart and a bit sour, the aftertaste is grapefruit rind. The beer is very light and spritzy with attacking carbontaion and a nice dry finish...."
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Case of 2

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Shiner redbird
Reviewed by: KenG | July 13, 2013

This a great summer beer ! A real thirst quencher. Even some infrequent beer drinkers I know like this beer. I do not know why one reviewer compared this to an IPA because it is NOT at all related to one! I like IPAs and do not like grapefruit or its juice but I love this beer.

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Reviewed by: historyteacher2 | July 12, 2013

Apologies, in advance, to those feeling adventurous. I had HIGH expectations for this "summer beer," but sadly disappointed. Even ice cold the flavor is overwhelmingly bitter and far more ginger-ish than grapefruity. Imagine dropping an alka-seltzer tab in grapefruit juice. You get the picture, eh? Is it palatable? Yes. Would I purchase it again? No. Would I drink it again if offered for free? No. As an aside, I celebrate bitter beer - just not this one! Instead of this, if you need a bitter buzz, try an IPA or anything German!

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Reviewed by: Bif | June 15, 2013

I was nervous about trying this one since I hate grapefruit but I was extremely happy with the taste. Very fresh and crisp and you will be the hero of the BBQ if you show up with a case!

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