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Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro Bottle (In Store Only)
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6 Pack of 12oz Bottles

Item #40269
Size: 12oz
Type: Ale
Varietal: Stout
Country: United States
Region: Colorado

"..After an aggressive pour, the beer will have a thick head, lots of rising bubble..Left Hand figured out how to inject Nitrogen and Co2 into the beer, eliminating the need for the widget, and in turn becoming the first U.S. Craft brewer to bottle a nitro beer.."

Reviewed by: Kyle Fornek

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Customer Reviews

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Yum January 05, 2014
Reviewed by: All Ale The Beer Guy

Really impressive. Creamy and delicious. None of the harsher notes that make certain stouts tiresome after two. A wonderful pint.

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